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Wildlife Control In Winston-Salem, NC

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Humane Wildlife Control For Your Winston-Salem Home

While peacefully coexisting with common Winston-Salem wildlife would be nice, sometimes animals start getting a little too close for comfort. If you’ve discovered birds in your attic, moles in your garden, or raccoons in your basement, you need to get rid of them quickly and find a way to keep them from returning. Ray’s Pest Control offers wildlife services that safely, humanely, efficiently, and effectively eliminate your wildlife problems.

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Our Wildlife Control Offerings


We’ll begin by visiting your Winston-Salem property so that you can show us where you’re experiencing problems. This visit allows us to identify what pest is on your property and where it’s harboring so that we can develop a plan for the best way to remove it and keep it from returning.


We first structure a trap for the particular pest you’re dealing with. These traps are humane, live traps. Once placed, we’ll check them daily and reach out to you every day to go over our progress. If necessary, we’ll also install one-way doors in key areas. These doors allow pests to exit your house but won’t let them back inside.

Once we have removed all the wildlife, we’ll work on sealing all entry points they used. Our exclusion work includes sealing cracks and crevices with expanding foam or silicone, screening off gable, ridge, and crawlspace vents, and installing new crawlspace doors, if necessary.


Our follow-up schedule varies from client to client and depends on several factors. We’ll discuss your options with you and work with you to develop a follow-up schedule that best meets your needs.

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Reach out and call Ray's Pest Control & Wildlife Removal today at (336) 722-1307. We are ready to help with your home pest and wildlife management needs. We also offer exceptional commercial pest control services as well, please ask us about them when you call!

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