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A Complete Guide To Common Pests In Winston-Salem, NC

The more you know about the pests that plague property owners in Winston-Salem, NC and the surrounding areas, the better prepared you are if you see them in or around your house and business. Learn more about the pests that are most likely to infest your Winston-Salem home or business.


Ants are known worldwide as common pest invaders in any property. Learn how to identify & protect your home from our area's most common species of ants.

ant on a plant

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs will hitchhike their way into any home & quickly spread throughout before you ever know it. Discover the factors that will lead to an infestation.

a fat hungry bed bug


Cockroaches are filthy pests that spread deadly bacteria & disease throughout any property. Use this guide to protect yourself from these deadly pests.

cockroach on a table


Mosquitoes are known as deadly pests, due to their propensity for spreading harmful diseases when they bite. Learn how to minimize exposure to mosquitoes.

a biting mosquito

Occasional Invaders

Occasional invaders are those pests that invade your home when conditions outdoors become unbearable. Find out how you can identify & prevent these pests.

a silverfish on the ground


Rodents are small pests that cause big problems in any home or business they invade. Discover the dangers these destructive pests present in your property.

a mouse on a tree


You can find spiders hiding in the corners of any home or business. Find out how you can eliminate these reclusive pests & avoid their venomous bites!

a house spider up close

Stinging Insects

Stinging insects are known for their aggressive behaviors when agitated or threatened. Learn the factors that invite these pests & how to prevent them.

wasps on a porch


Termites work behind the scenes to destroy the structures of your home or business. Use this guide to protect your property from extensive structural damage.

a termite on moist mulch


Wildlife pests include those wild animals who make their way onto your property & cause a number of problems. Learn how to keep them away from your home.

raccoon babies in a tree

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