Protecting The Health Of Your Winston-Salem Family & Home

When your Winston-Salem area home is well-insulated, it helps keep the inside cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but it won’t do its job correctly if it gets damaged. Pests in North Carolina can damage your insulation in several ways: Chewing on it, using pieces of it for nesting, and urinating or defecating on it all cause damage to the insulation. Moisture problems can also damage your insulation, leaving it wet and moldy. If you have insulation that isn’t doing its job, Ray’s Pest Control offers services to remove the damaged areas and replace them with new insulation.

Our Insulation Service Offerings


We’ll begin by discussing with you your concerns regarding your insulation. After our discussion, we’ll perform an inspection to determine what areas are damaged and how severe the damage is. We want to take care of problem areas as quickly as possible to keep your family healthy and safe.


If pests are active or there are health concerns at play, such as mold, we’ll begin by sanitizing and disinfecting the affected areas. We’ll then remove the damaged insulation and replace it with new insulation.

By removing damaged insulation and installing new insulation, we will help protect your family from health problems caused by mold and pathogens spread by pests. We’ll also help keep your home more energy-efficient, which will not only make it a more pleasant place to live but will also save you money on energy costs.

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