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Moisture Control & Vapor Barriers In Winston-Salem, NC

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Protect Your Winston-Salem Home From Moisture Problems

Most people understand that a buildup of moisture in your crawl space is not a good thing. However, many are unaware of all the problems moisture can cause in your Winston-Salem area home. Excess moisture invites the growth of mildew and mold, which can cause serious health problems for your family. It damages the wooden beams under your house, potentially causing structural issues.

Moisture attracts pests, leading to damaging and dangerous infestations. It also damages insulation, which will make your home less efficient and cost you extra money in heating and cooling costs. Ray's Pest Control can fix it if you think you have a moisture problem in your crawl space.

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moisture damage in an attic

Our Moisture Control Service Offerings


We’ll begin by talking with you about what led you to contact us and any specific issues you’ve been experiencing. We will perform an inspection of the crawl space to determine what we will need to do. We’ll then advise you on whether you need better ventilation, new vents, a fan, a sump pump, or other modifications to the area. If your current vapor barrier is insufficient, we’ll discuss what thickness you need for the most effective results.


An important part of our service is making sure that our customers understand our treatments. We’ll explain the installation process of the vapor barrier before installing it so that you can ask any questions and we can address any concerns you may have.

If there is standing water in your crawl space, we will also recommend installing a drainage system that includes digging a trench and installing a sump pump to push the water out of the area.


Our moisture control and vapor barrier service come with a five-year guarantee. If you experience any problems during this time, we will return to your home to fix them at no additional cost.

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