Stop Ants From Invading Your Winston-Salem Home

Did you know there are 1000 species of ants in the United States, and over 100 of them are present in North Carolina? While most ants in Winston-Salem can be considered nuisances, some are dangerous, either because of their ability to bite and sting or spread diseases. If you have been finding ants in your house, Ray’s Pest Control can identify what types are present in your home and will eliminate them at their root.

Our Ant Control Offerings


We’ll begin by visiting your property and determining if ants are in your house. Once we can identify the species of ant, we’ll develop a customized plan to treat them.


We design our treatments to get at the root of your ant problem. We don’t just treat the ants we can see but track them to find and bait their colony. By treating them at the source, we can be sure to eliminate the entire colony.

Treatments include interior and exterior locations, entry points, and preventative barrier treatment to prevent future outbreaks.


Follow-up treatments depend on your membership. Contact us to learn more.

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