Summer is right around the corner, which means all of our favorite insects are starting to resurface. From annoying little flies to dreaded mosquitoes, there is no
escaping these tiny nuisances. Ticks are another very small summer pest that often goes unnoticed, sometimes even after they have made you their new host. At Ray Pest Control, we provide pest control services to residents in North Carolina. We have some important information that everyone should know about ticks.

Ticks Carry Disease

Okay, most of us know that these tiny blood suckers carry disease, but just what kind of diseases are ticks capable of transmitting? The big disease is Lyme disease, but ticks are also capable of carrying and transmitting Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, encephalitis-causing bacteria, as well as many other potentially deadly diseases.

Ticks Crawl

Unlike mosquitoes, ticks do not fly, they crawl. While this may make them appear to be less of a threat, it is still just as easy for a tick to make its way on your body. They can easily crawl up your leg if you are out hiking around in heavily wooded or grassy areas. According to the University of Rhode Island’s Tickencounter Resource Center, ticks like to feed around the head, neck, and ears of their host because the skin is thinner around these areas.

You Have 24 Hours

You have about 24 hours to find and remove a tick before it transmits an infection. The Tickencounter Resource Center says, “many disease-causing microbes transmitted by ticks need a ‘re-activation’ period.” This period refers to when the microbes make their way to the tick’s salivary glands and then into your body as the tick is feeding. While some microbes move into the salivary glands faster than others, Lyme disease bacteria typically takes about 24 hours.

It is time to take back control of your yard. Call Ray Pest Control today and find out how we can help protect your family from disease infested ticks.