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Trusted Pest Management Solutions In Walkertown, NC

Walkertown is a small town in Forsyth County and is part of the Piedmont Triad. Although many people enjoy living here in Walkertown, many pests also live in our area and thrive in our North Carolina climate. The most effective way to protect your property and yourself from pests is with a little help from the professionals. For over 45 years Ray’s Pest Control has been proud to provide excellent commercial and residential pest control services for residents in Walkertown and throughout the Winston-Salem area. Don’t wait for pests to invade your home or business and take away your peace of mind. Instead, get in touch with the professionals at Ray’s Pest Control to learn more about all of the effective pest control services we have to offer.

Home Pest Control In Walkertown, NC

Your home is a safe place that you can return to after a long day at work or attending social obligations. But without the right protection, your Walkertown home becomes an easy target for pests. Protect your home and family from the wide variety of pests in our area by implementing effective residential pest control services from Ray’s Pest Control. Our goal is to help you maintain a pest-free environment in your Walkertown home by eliminating current pest problems and applying treatments to the exterior of your property to create a protective barrier around your home. With over 45 years of experience providing exceptional pest control services in Walkertown and the greater Winston-Salem area, Ray’s Pest Control is the right choice for all of your pest control needs.

ants all over a bowl of food

There are about 1000 individual species of ants found throughout the United States , and 100 of them live here in North Carolina. Although most ant species are nuisance pests, some are dangerous due to their ability to sting, damage your property, or spread harmful illnesses.

The biggest reason why ants get into Walkertown homes and businesses is to gain access to the food they can find inside. The best way to prevent ants from getting into your property is to minimize entry points and remove potential food sources that could attract them in the first place.

Keep ants away from your Walkertown property with the ant prevention tips listed below:

  • Avoid leaving out uneaten pet food.

  • Keep your garbage cans and compost bins tightly sealed.

  • Clean up crumbs and food from your counters and floors.

  • Clean crumbs and residue out from under heavy appliances.

  • Seal small cracks and crevices in your foundation.

  • Install door sweeps on all exterior doors.

When ants invade your Walkertown home or business, they can cause a lot of problems for your property and health. At Ray’s Pest Control, our ant control services are designed to meet the specific needs of your ant infestation. Our treatments get to the root of your ant problems to prevent ants from infesting your property in the future.

termites on dirt

Termites are destructive insects that eat cellulose, a material found in wood, leaf litter, and dung. These common pests can cause significant damage to your home or business in as little as six months.

It can be difficult to believe such a tiny pest can cause so much damage, but termites are some of the most destructive pests in the entire world.

Property owners spend about five billion dollars repairing termite damage, which is more than the damage caused by storms, earthquakes, and fires combined. Termites are active every day, all day, 365 days a year, which makes them a year-round threat.

Protect your Walkertown home from termites throughout every season by turning to Ray’s Pest Control for assistance with all of your termite control needs.

Our termite control services include a detailed inspection of your property to determine where termite activity is occurring and two different termite treatment methods, depending on your needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ray’s Pest Control today to ask about all of our termite control offerings and solutions.

Commercial Pest Control In Walkertown, NC

You’ve put a lot of time, money, effort, and commitment into running a successful business, so why would you let pests invade your commercial facility and put all of your effort to waste? Pest infestations threaten the health of your customers, damage important equipment, and give your Walkertown business a bad name. If pests are causing problems in and around your commercial property, the professionals at Ray’s Pest Control are here to help. We have a deep understanding of the pests that live in our area and how to keep them out of your business. Our licensed technicians have the experience needed to target and eliminate pests and prevent new infestations from occurring in the future. Reach out to Ray’s Pest Control today for more information about our commercial pest control plans.

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