Your home does not invite pests to enter without permission. In fact, we don’t think they’ll ever deserve permission to enter into your home. If you have been dealing with mice problems and you’re sick and tired of these rodents calling your home their home, it’s time you make a change for the better. Our incredible team of pest control experts in Piedmont has some tips you may want to give a shot that has been known to help prevent mice from entering your home.

How To Prevent Mice From Calling Your Home Their Home

#1 Introduce a deterrent.

Going back centuries, cats have always been used as a natural deterrent. Cats are natural predators to mice, and believe it or not, owning a cute and fluffy kitty can help control the mice population on your property, in or outside. Even if the cat doesn’t actually kill any mice, their presence alone can help to keep the population of mice minimal.

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#2 Employ natural or poisonous repellent.

Did you know that certain substances can stave off mice? That’s right; mice tend to avoid areas where there are repellents. If you’re trying to keep mice out of your home, line the corners of your basement, pantry and other areas of your home where you’ve noticed signs of mice with mouse repellent. Repellent can be natural and harmless or involve chemicals that are poisonous. Here are some options:

  • Mint: Mint is a great aromatic herb that is great at repelling mice; plus, it’s natural. Sprinkle spearmint essential oil or crushed peppermint leaves around your house in areas where mice have been spotted to keep them away.
  • Bay Leaves: Bay leaves are a perfect option if you’d like to stay natural. Since they’re not poisonous to humans, crushing and sprinkling bay leaves around the pantry and in corners of your home is best for families or people who own pets.
  • Mothballs. A great option if you don’t have young children or pets, mothballs are a powerful deterrent that keeps mice away; however, because they’re poisonous, use them with high caution.

#3 Set up traps outside of your home.

Whether you’d like to kill the rodents or keep your deterrents as humane as possible, setting up traps surrounding your property is a great way to keep mice outside and away from your home. There are two options our pest control experts recommend:

  1. Live Traps: If you don’t want to harm the little creatures that enter into our homes uninvited, give live traps a go. Using cheese or peanut butter, live traps will trap the mice using a harmless method. Once trapped, you can release the mice into the wild away from your home.
  2. Glue or Spring Traps: If you don’t care for the rodents to live to see another day, glue or spring traps are a great option for you. They are effective; just be sure you check and discard them as soon as you notice they’ve captured a victim.

#4 Set traps up inside of your home or lure them from your home to the outdoors.

Let us start off by making sure you’re setting up traps inside your home with caution, especially if you have small children or pets roaming about. There are a few different options you can employ, including poisonous bait stations, glue or springs traps and live traps. By placing traps outside of your home near areas you know mice travel, you will likely be able to capture or kill them quickly; however, placing traps inside of your home to control these pests is also recommended.

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