Worried about keeping pests out of your home? We hear from customers every day who are wondering what pest control steps they can take here in North Carolina to keep pests out of their home and avoid damage costs from termites, bed bugs, and wildlife. There are steps you can take in your home to help protect it from pests:

  • Don’t leave pet food outside. Many people feed their cats or dogs outside, but neglect to bring the food inside at night. This is an easy meal for unwanted guests, so make sure you even pick up the leftovers.
  • Inspect your home regularly for holes, cracks, or other new entries into your home. Be sure to replace or cover damaged areas so they don’t offer easy access to your home for pests.
  • Cover your garbage cans. Some pests are more persistent than others, so you may even need to take steps to secure trash. Wildlife especially loves a trashcan buffet, so make sure you keep trash out away from them.
  • Cover openings like chimneys and attic fans. You’ll be able to find products made just for this purpose at your local home improvement store.

No matter how diligent you are about following this advice, chances are you’ll end up with pests in your home at some point. Bed bugs, termites, and other pests are persistent and often escape your notice until a full infestation is under way. So what do you do when the pests are already inside your home? All you need to do is call us for the best pest control in North Carolina. We’ll come out to your home and eliminate the pests, no matter what you are dealing with. Give us a call today and we’ll get to work!