Are Termites Destroying Your Winston-Salem Home?

Termites love Winston-Salem’s humid climate. When they move into your house, they start eating and don’t stop until you do something to stop them. Regardless of whether termites are active in your home or not, now is the time to take action to prevent them from causing damage. Ray’s Pest Control offers termite control treatments, and everything you might need to know about termite swarmers, to eliminate active infestations and prevent new ones from occurring.

Our Termite Control Offerings


Determining if termites are active in your house is not as easy as you may think. These tiny pests spend most of their time hidden in the ground or inside your walls, so finding signs of their presence often takes a trained eye. The professionals at Ray’s Pest Control are skilled at determining if termites are present.

We’ll begin by discussing with you whether you’ve noticed anything unusual in or around your house. We’ll then start at the bottom of your home and work our way up, looking for mud tubes, holes, and other signs of termite activity. Outside, we’ll look for signs of activity and will also look for areas that are conducive to a termite infestation, such as wood stored against the side of your home, wood mulch, and more. If necessary, we’ll also use flashlights, borescopes, and moisture meters during our inspection.


We use two types of termite treatment methods.

The first is a termite baiting system. We’ll install termite bait stations in specific locations in the soil around the exterior of your home. We check these stations quarterly. If we discover any activity, we’ll place colony-destroying bait in the stations.

The second is a liquid termite treatment. We’ll drill, trench, and treat the soil beneath slabs and walkways and around your foundation walls. This treatment creates a protective barrier around your house. When termites cross it, they spread it to the colony, which eventually eliminates the entire thing.


Our baiting system treatment includes quarterly service visits to check the bait stations. At the time of renewal, we’ll perform a full inspection.

Our liquid treatment comes with a one-year warranty that includes a full inspection at the time of renewal.

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