Welcome back! If you read part one of our blog series, you learned some helpful tips you can follow to prevent pest infestations as you go about your spring cleaning this year. Last time, we focused on cleaning out your kitchen, including all storage areas and under all of your appliances. We also explored some bathroom cleaning tips for maintaining a pest-free bathroom. Today, we’ll focus our attention on areas in the home where bugs and rodents love to take up residence: the garage, the basement, and the attic.


Your garage is, perhaps, one of the most common areas for pest infestations. One reason these spaces are extremely susceptible to insects and rodents is that they are used so frequently. Doors and windows in garages are often left open while doing yard work, cleaning the car, or while the children are outside playing. What’s more, garages tend to have many openings, including gaps, holes, and other access points where bugs and rodents can enter. These spaces are often used for storage and become cluttered over time.

As you clean your home this spring, don’t forget about the garage. The goal this spring should be to get your garage cleaned and organized. Build shelves for off-the-floor storage, throw out unused items that are collecting dirt and providing hiding places for pests, seal off any openings (even those smaller than a dime), invest in airtight storage containers for pet food (rather than storing the food in bags on the floor), and check for any leaky pipes that could cause puddles of standing water. Sweep and dust your garage regularly to remove debris and cobwebs.

Basements, Crawlspaces, and Attics

Just like our garages, these areas in the home are highly susceptible to pest infestations. While these spaces provide us with small to ample amounts of additional storage space, they often become packed to the brim with boxes, objects, old furniture, collectibles, and seasonal tools and recreation equipment. Pests, particularly spiders and rodents, prefer these spaces because they are cluttered, dark, musty and humid, and are free of people and pets (for the most part). These spaces also provide many materials that can be used for nesting, such as cloth, paper, and other soft materials that critters like mice prefer. Additionally, if there is any standing water from leaks in the roof or old pipes, rodents like mice, rats, and squirrels will have constant access to a water source.

While these are some of the worst areas to have to crawl around in, you’ll want to remove any built-up clutter, dust, and debris, throw or give away your unused and unwanted items, seal or block off any openings with metal-based materials, cement, or calk, and invest in latching storage containers to protect your stored items while also keeping out unwanted pests. Be sure to fix any broken pipes or replace older pipes that could lead to leaks in the future. This will help reduce the risk of a pest infestation this spring.

Call Ray Pest Control

Following these simple steps as you do your spring cleaning this year can help prevent a pest infestation. However, if you notice signs of insects and rodents in your home as you clean, contact Ray Pest Control for effective pest prevention. We are Greensboro’s Top Rated Local® pest control company and we’ll stop the bugs and rodents in their tracks before your pest problem gets worse. Call us today to request an estimate for pest control services. Be sure to tune in to part three of our blog series to learn even more spring cleaning tips for preventing a springtime pest invasion.