Spring is upon us, and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve got warm days filled with sunshine, comfortable mornings, pleasant evenings. For many of us, it’s the time of year to throw open the doors and windows of our homes and get some spring cleaning done.  But as an exterminator in Winston-Salem, we know that with warm weather comes pests.

With higher temperatures, unwanted critters come out of hiding, confident in their ability to survive in the open. Uncovered plants are a great source of food. After a long winter, pests are ready to make up for lost time, but the last thing you need is them settling in while you’re trying to make your home look its best. Keep reading, and we’ll share a few tips to help you keep pests away during spring cleaning.

  • It’s not uncommon for your plumbing to spring a leak during winter. Once spring hits, insects look for standing or pooling water to grab an easy drink, and areas with high moisture are also ideal places for breeding and hatching grounds. Make sure to check for leaks in all of the natural places. Look under exposed pipes, inside and outside faucets, the q-pipe under the sink, and in the attic and basement. With most leaks, tightening up the pipe with a wrench will do the trick, but if you find something serious, call a plumber.
  • During winter storms, your weather stripping is guaranteed to take a beating. Frigid temperatures and heavy winds will gradually wear down sealant, and it doesn’t take much room for an opportunistic insect to sneak inside. Run your hand along the perimeter of your doors and windows, and feel for any gaps in the sealant or any spots where it’s not secure. If you find problem areas, you can either re-seal the spot with caulking or just replace the weather stripping entirely. By staying on top of that, you can keep pests out and cut costs on your cooling and heating bills.
  • Your cabinets and pantry are one of the most frequently overlooked areas for cleaning. Over time, these areas can get cluttered, and food can crumble out of the packaging. Pests love this because it gives them a convenient all-you-can-eat buffet. Take the time to remove food from all of your storage areas and scrub surfaces well. Vacuum up old food debris, and toss or donate food you’re never going to eat. This is also a good time to organize your food by category, and you can also stash edibles that have lots of carbs and sugar in containers with tight seals.
  • While you’re in the cleaning groove, don’t forget to tackle your yard. Once winter is over, there will likely be lots of debris in the yard that may have been buried or blown around by wind. Insects love this because it provides them with shelter, a place to hide, and food before they make their way indoors. Rake any fallen leaves, pick up twigs, and collect any stones or pebbles. This is also a good time to trim bushes and tree branches, and you can make things less convenient for any critters hanging around.