It has been noted that, recently, bed bugs have been spreading throughout the United States at a very fast rate. Bed bugs can discretely attach themselves to our luggage or clothing and then they are easily transported across the nation by unsuspecting travelers. At Ray Pest Control, we are dedicated to help prevent the spread and infestation of bed bugs in North Carolina. We strive to educate our customers so they know the signs of an infestation, as well as how to prevent one.

Once bed bugs have been introduced to your home, they can quickly become very difficult to control. If you believe you have potentially been exposed to bed bugs, it is important to be aware of the signs and conduct regular inspections. Because bed bugs are so difficult to eliminate, you must be diligent with your inspections so as to eradicate them as soon as possible.

Bed bugs are minuscule insects that commonly reside in our mattresses, sheets, and box springs. According to Bed Bug Central, after bed bugs have enjoyed and digested their blood meal, they will excrete a dark liquid that will later appear as dark spots on your sheets or mattresses. Something else to look for are the shed skins that bed bugs leave behind as they progress through their different life stages. Bed bugs can also leave their hosts with nasty bites that can eventually develop into something much more serious.

If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation, please contact us immediately. We will quickly come in and treat your home so as to eradicate the problem. We offer a number of different treatments and monitors. We will even visually inspect your home for bed bugs for free. So, if you believe you have been exposed to or have a current infestation of bed bugs, call us right away!