Winston-Salem’s Top Rated Local® Termite Detection and Removal

Termites don’t just eat the wooden structure of your home, they also eat through the money in your wallet. There are few more devastating experiences than discovering that your home has had an ongoing termite infestation which will now cost you hundreds and even thousands in repair. This is even worse if you find this out right before trying to sell a home. Please save yourself this hassle and horror by contacting Ray Pest Control for our termite removal and prevention services. If you already have a termite infestation, contact us as well because you’re not alone and we have the expertise to help you through this harrowing situation.

Contact us for a free quote and to speak with one of our highly-trained termite detection and removal experts. They will help you determine what kind of termite treatment is best for your unique situation. If you already have termites, we can use innovative technology and techniques to get rid of them—sometimes even by getting the bugs to spread pesticides amongst themselves. If you don’t have a termite problem yet, we’ll make sure it stays that way with state-of-the art termite prevention technology.

Get in touch with us right away! It’s never too early to start protecting your home from the damaging effects of termites and with Ray Pest Control’s termite prevention and control services, you know you’re getting a good deal and amazing service.