Preventing water build-up on your property is a single preventative measure which can have a huge payoff. Bugs and reptiles often like damp areas or wet areas and all the the organisms that thrive in places like that. We ought to know, because nobody knows the area’s pests like the technicians at Ray Pest Control. We serve the residents of Winston-Salem and the surrounding Piedmont area to help them remove and prevent pest problems. Because we fight against nasty pests like insects every day, we know exactly what kind of conditions they thrive in and we can work to keep your home and property free from pest attractions. Installing a drainage system is the best way to get rid of one of the biggest pest attractions out there: standing water.

Many bugs, and especially mosquitos, are fans of standing water. Even if you have a dip in your property that’s fairly far away from your house, you could be providing a nice breeding ground for all of the pests you hate. If mosquitos can hatch their eggs anywhere near your back porch, you can bet they’ll be flying up to the house for their evening snacks. By getting a drainage system installed, you can keep the water from backing up in the first place which eliminates the attraction and the breeding ground.

Contact us today for a free quote and let’s start disappointing the neighborhood bugs and mosquitos by eliminating the standing water problem from your property. The result will be fewer pests and a healthier environment for you and your family. Call or reach out to us online!