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Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the BED BUGS BITE!

For many of us, that phrase never really had real meaning when we heard it as kids. “Bed bugs bite” was just in there to rhyme with “goodnight” and “tight”… right? Well, bed bugs have been coming back with a vengeance and it turns out they really do bite. The reality of bed bugs has hit large hotel chains and homeowners alike and it’s got everybody looking around for a solution. Well, at least for the residents of Winston-Salem and the surrounding Piedmont area, Ray Pest Control offers one. Our guaranteed bed bug removal services will help you rest easy knowing that you don’t have nasty, blood-sucking bugs crawling around in your mattress.

We guarantee our bed bug services in a simple way: if we can’t get rid of your bugs, we won’t take your money. It’s as easy as that. Even if you’re not sure if you have bed bugs, contact us right away. We’ll give you a free inspection and a free quote. If we don’t find anything, at least you’ll know and it doesn’t cost you anything! Our community is important to us, so we want homeowners, residents and especially parents to have access to quality bed bug extermination services and information.

Because every bed bug situation is a little different, and because so many different methods have been proven to work against bed bugs, Ray Pest Control offers a variety of methods and tactics to handle the creepy insects.

These include:

  • Free visual Bed Bug inspections
  • Bed bug canine detection
  • ClimbUP Insect Interceptor
  • Verifi bed bug monitoring
  • Sticky traps and glue board monitors
  • Chemical and non-chemical remediation
  • Heat Remediation Bed Bug Treatment

If we find that you have a problem when we come out for your free inspection, we’ll discuss what kind of removal and prevention methods will work best with your specific problem and in your home environment. We’ll tailor our services to your individual needs and, remember, if we don’t get rid of the bugs, we won’t take your money. There’s no risk at all, so contact us today for our bed bug pest control services and get back to the days when “don’t let the bed bugs bite” was just a children’s rhyme!

Ray Pest Control is family owned and operated and has been serving the Winston-Salem, NCarea since 1973.                 

If you have Bed Bugs when we arrive, you’ll have Dead Bugs when we leave!

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