Planning a trip this summer? With the proliferation of bed bugs now in the United States and many popular destinations abroad, chances are you could encounter these pests on your next vacation. That shouldn’t keep you at home, though! Follow these tips from our pest control company in North Carolina and you’ll come home bug free:

  • When you get to your hotel room, put your luggage on a hard surface and don’t open it until you’ve inspected the room. Placing your luggage on a counter or dresser is best.

  • Strip the bed, including the mattress cover, and perform a visual inspection for bed bugs. Make sure you check the seams and between the mattress and headboard. You’ll be looking for live bugs, dead ones, or the skins that they shed.

  • If you see any signs of bed bugs, call the manager of the hotel and request to be moved to another room. Make sure they don’t put you in a room that is next to the one you just had. Repeat these steps until you are in a room without bed bugs.

Remember that bringing home even one bed bug could start an infestation in your home. If you discover bed bugs have already made their way into your house, give us a call. Our pest control in North Carolina can quickly and thoroughly eliminate the bed bugs in your home using methods that are safe for you and your family. Enjoy your summer travels, and contact us if you find unexpected guests in your luggage when you get home!