pest control piedmont There are so many types of pests who call Piedmont, North Carolina home. Unfortunately, we call it home, too. If you’re like most residents, you probably don’t welcome pests with open arms. This is normal, and we’re with you! We don’t like to see creepy crawlers scurrying across the place we call home. So, if pests are starting to drive you bonkers, it’s time you do something about it! Because there are so many bugs that give each and every one of you the heebee jeebees, we thought we’d share some knowledge with you, such as some of the most popular insects in North Carolina.

Popular Insects Who Call Piedmont Home

Achemon Sphinx Moth

Watch out, the Achemon Sphinx Moth is a big one, and will come out at night! These moths are part of the hawkmoth family; they’re strong, fast and large. Their wingspan is equivalent to four adult fingers and are often mistaken for a hummingbird. And, although they’re found in most of North America, a vast majority of them call North Carolina home.

Acorn Weevil

If you’ve had a Weevil problem prior to today, you probably know that these bugs have long snouts just like an elephant’s trunk, except they’re the size of your pinky nail. These bugs are somewhat colorful; they’re colored with different shades of brown, black and orange to blend effortlessly into the trunk of a tree. These insects are likely to damage trees, such as up-and-coming oak trees.

Get Rid Of Pesky Bugs

There are plenty of popular insects who call Piedmont, North Carolina home. If you’re having an issue with the Achemon Sphinx Moth or the Acorn Weevil, be sure you give our incredible team of pest control professionals a call. We’re only a phone call away! Don’t go anywhere just yet, stay tuned for our next blog to learn about more local insects: Local Insects That Bug Us!

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