dreamstime_6887133It’s about that time again; pests and little rodents are fighting their way into your humble abode. Have you found this as an annoying and disturbing problem in which you don’t want to deal? Our exterminators don’t blame you! Because insects and rodents can disturb many relaxing evenings within your home, our pest control professionals are here to provide you with some information that may be beneficial and helpful: Where insects and mice like to hide in your home. From many statistics gathered from The National Pest Management Association (NPMA), you can rest assured you will likely find all of these recommendations to be true for you as well.

Where You May Find Pests Hiding In Your Home

The Kitchen

Whether you’d like to admit it or just ignore the fact of the matter, it’s “mouse season” and mice will commonly be found in the kitchen. Why? Mice like to eat too, and it’s hibernation season for many animals. And although mice do not hibernate, they sure do eat like it! So why the kitchen? The kitchen is the busiest place in homes, which is why keeping it clean is a daily chore in and of itself. It may even seem never ending at times. To put our mice facts into perspective, 50 percent of rodent infestations occur within the kitchen; this can be devastating to understand considering we’re always making sure to never cross-contaminate meats from the cutting board to the frying pan. In order to keep your kitchen as pest-free as possible to prevent mice, ants and many other household insects or rodents, keep your kitchen as clean as you can by using ingredients you already own, such as vinegar, soap and lemons. Unfortunately, mice and other pests follow the scent of food; however, they can be turned away from the scent of some cleaning agents.

dreamstime_xxl_14718305Cleaning Agents To keep In Mind For Your Kitchen

  • 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar. In a spray bottle, you’ll create this mixture to clean the surfaces of your kitchen. Do not use this mixture on granite or marble. The vinegar in this cleaning agent will stray away pests from following scent trails and will kill any existing germs. For granite and marble countertops, vinegar’s active ingredient, a very acidic pH, will only eat away at the stone. Instead, use warm soapy water.
  • Use the garbage disposal to your advantage by grinding lemon or orange peels once a week. Not only will the citrus within the peels keep funky odors away, but it’ll also keep ants away!

Start Defending Your Home

When it comes to pests, they’re always finding their way into your home. Since it’s fall and the winter months will be arriving sooner than we’re prepared, it’s important you know how to defend your home from rodents and insects, such as mice and ants, as best as you can. If you need help from our pest control company, give us a call! We’ll be happy to provide you a free quote for all of your pest control problems. Contact us today to get started and stay tuned for our next blog to learn another location in your home, and how to defend it: The basement.

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