pest-picPests are known to come around at all times of the year, but did you know that there are certain times when pest control is best utilized? As a homeowner, you may ask yourself this question more often than not, and when you have pest control issues arise, you need to know who to call. Here in Greensboro, your go-to gurus are at Ray Pest Control.

Should you treat pests seasonally?

The answer to this question really depends on what pests are invading your home and when they invade. And, in many instances, pests are invading spaces including crawl spaces, attics and yards. Moreover, many of these infestations go unknown for a long period of time, making the infestations more serious. To learn when you should treat your home for with incredible pest control here in Greensboro, we highly suggest you give our exterminators a call. We’ll come to your home and let you know what is the best time for an exterminator service.

What pests are common during each season?

Depending on where you live, a variety of pests will become active during all of the seasons of the year. There are many types of seasonal pests that tend to invade homes in certain areas around the U.S., and few of them actually show themselves. Depending on the season and what our exterminators find, will depend on the course of action you need to take.


Here are the most common pests in the different seasons throughout the year:


Roaches, rodents, stink bugs and spiders


Roaches, spiders and rodents


Spiders, ants and cockroaches


Spiders, ants and cockroaches

How many times does your home need pest control?

The answer to this question really depends on a number of pests invading your home, and the species of pests. Additionally, the environment also plays a key role. Many homeowners deal with ants, which means a year-round solution is usually best for them. A year-round treatment option can mean you’ll receive pest control once every quarter, bimonthly or monthly. If you aren’t sure which course of action to take, talk to our experts at Ray Pest Control. Again, this really depends on the severity of the infestation, where the infestation is and the environment it’s in.

Discover which pest control option is best for your home!

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