Anyone who owns property in the United States lives under the constant threat of expensive subterranean termite damage. Only Alaskans can escape it.

Because you live in the South – where the subterranean termite threat is heaviest overall – chances are you have a termite problem. According to the University of Florida, termite damage and control costs in Florida exceed $500 million annually.

City Homes With a Subterranean Termite Problem
Miami, Florida 1 in 8
Jackson, Mississippi 1 in 9
Houston, Texas 1 in 10
New Orleans, Louisana 1 in 11
Florence, South Carolina 1 in 14
Atlanta, Georgia 1 in 14
Columbia, South Carolina 1 in 15
Charlotte, North Carolina 1 in 22
Nashville, Tennessee 1 in 28
Birmingham, Alabama 1 in 28
Jackson, Tennessee 1 in 48

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† Source: National Panel Diary