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German Roaches

  • The most troublesome domestic species.
  • They can cause infection and disease.
  • One female produces 35,000 offspring in one year.
  • Found in moist areas.
  • Up to 5/8″ long.


American Roaches

  • Includes largest of species; up to 1-1/2″ long.
  • Also known as Palmetto or Flying Water Bug.
  • Attracted to sweets, grains, hair, soap.
  • Found in home foundations, under wood, and near pools.

Oriental Roaches

  • Also referred to as the waterbug.
  • Up to 1.25 inches long.
  • Oriental roaches feed on all kinds of filth.
  • Generally found outdoors and migrate indoors during cold weather.

Smoky Brown Roaches

  • Closely related to the American Roach.
  • Feeds on plant material.
  • Commonly found living in wood, shingle roofs, and in gutters.
  • Feeds on decaying matter.
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