In 1999, mosquitoes spread signs and symptoms across the U.S. that all pointed to the deadly West Nile Virus. A little less than ten years later and we are facing a very similar instance. The news has been raving about the virus that is spreading across the world known as the Zika virus.  

The Zika virus is similar to West Nile, but different in quite a few as well. Both of these viruses are spread through mosquito bites, however, the type of mosquito is very specific for the Zika virus. Large mosquitoes with long legs and oval shaped bodies are the ones that are carrying the virus. While they are hard to miss when they hang out on the wall, it becomes so much harder to avoid them while you’re out on say, a run or vacation.

Currently, the Zika virus has been found in India, Indonesia, Egypt, Kenya, Angola, Brazil and our close neighbor, Mexico. While we have yet to discover these mosquitoes in the United States, we have already had multiple individuals that have been traveling from these infected areas, get bit. From Chicago to Utah, and of ages as young as three, there have been several people who have traveled back from one of these areas and hadn’t shown symptoms for a while before the CDC proclaimed their test results matched with those of Zika.

Symptoms have shown to be similar to those of West Nile with high fevers, irritable rashes, severe joint pain and blood shot eyes. Aside from that, there are current studies that are being done to see if there is a correlation between the Zika virus and birth defects in newborn babies.

With summer quickly approaching, and an influx of mosquitoes showing up between spring and fall, it’s important to not only recognize the danger of mosquitoes as we enter this season, but to also understand just how beneficial having any mosquitoes exterminated this season, will be.  Since there is currently not a treatment, it’s important to take all of the possible precautions. Contact Ray Pest Control today and schedule an appointment for our exterminators to visit your Piedmon home and eliminate the chance of mosquitos.