People are becoming increasingly worried about bed bugs in North Carolina, and with good reason. As their population grows, we’re seeing more and more infestation in homes in the area. So even if you just think you might have bed bugs but don’t have proof, you need to give us a call. We’re offering free inspections for bed bugs in North Carolina because we know how awful it can be to lay awake wondering if that was a bed bug you just felt, or if it is just your overactive imagination. In our experience, it was probably a bed bug.

Our team uses the latest technology to detect bed bugs in your home. We’ll perform a visual inspection for free, and our team is highly trained at searching out bed bugs in the crevices and cracks of your home. We also offer a canine inspection service, where we’ll bring in specially trained dogs to sniff out bed bugs. This is a great option for hard-to-find cases of bed bugs, or if a visual inspection has failed but you are still waking up with bites or have seen other evidence that these terrible critters have made your house their home. Our dogs will sniff them out, no problem!

If we do find bed bugs, either through our visual or canine inspections, we’ll give you a free estimate on getting rid of the bugs. We have chemical and non-chemical options to kill the bugs and their eggs, including heat treatments that won’t expose your home or your family to chemicals. No matter what, Ray Pest Control will destroy the bed bugs in your home and make sure they don’t come back! Give us a call today and schedule your free inspection.