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Mosquito Control In Winston-Salem, NC

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Keep Dangerous Mosquitoes Out Of Your Winston-Salem Home

Mosquitoes have a way of ruining a good time. If you have many of them on your property, you understand how difficult it can be to spend time outdoors. Not only are they annoying, but they’re also dangerous. Mosquitoes spread many serious illnesses, and you should always try to avoid these pests whenever possible. With mosquito control services from Ray’s Pest Control, you can significantly reduce the mosquito populations on your property, protecting your family and allowing you to enjoy your yard again.

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Our Mosquito Control Offerings


We begin with an inspection of your Winston-Salem, NC property to determine where mosquitoes are breeding and harboring. Often you can take immediate action to help reduce the mosquito populations in your yard. For instance, removing buckets of water and other areas of standing water reduces the number of breeding grounds available to mosquitoes, and trimming foliage can help eliminate harboring areas.


Our mosquito treatment begins by placing mosquito traps around your property. These traps provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes, but once laid, the eggs never reach maturity. Furthermore, the female mosquitoes leave the trap with a fungus on them that they spread to other mosquitoes, eliminating all they come in contact with.

The EPA and WHO approve mosquito traps. They use non-toxic ingredients that are safe for your family and pets. The product used is an organic, bio-active, non-toxic fungus.


Typically mosquito traps are effective at eliminating your mosquito problem. However, if you still find yourself dealing with an abundance of these pests, we’ll return to provide a follow-up misting treatment. We limit these treatments to the areas where they will be most effective, such as locations with extreme foliage.

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