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Effective Pest Management Solutions In Kernersville, North Carolina

No matter where you live, pests are likely to find a way to invade your property and cause a wide range of problems. Here in Kernersville is no exception. If pests such as spiders, cockroaches, or rodents are getting in the way of your peace of mind, the professionals here at Ray's Pest Control are here to help. We have been committed to providing the most advanced and effective pest management services available since 1972. With our licensed pest professionals on your side, you can trust that your Kernersville home or business will remain free of pests throughout every season. Reach out to Ray's Pest Control today for more information about our pest control services or to request your free assessment.

Residential Pest Control In Kernersville, NC

If you’re searching for effective home pest control services in Kernersville, you need a pest control provider you can trust 100% of the time. You need Ray's Pest Control! Our residential pest control services are designed to target and eliminate common household pests in our area. We will work with you to identify current pest activity and areas of concern to develop a home pest control plan that covers all of your pest control needs. Say goodbye to mosquitoes, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and other pests when you contact the experienced pest professionals here at Ray's Pest Control. We’re ready to provide comprehensive residential pest control services that get the job done right. Get in touch with us today to keep your Kernersville home and family protected from pests.

ants on a piece of white paper

Ants are tiny insect pests that can be found all over the United States. They live and work together in large colonies that can include hundreds of thousands of ants. Although most ants are considered nuisance pests, it’s important to understand that all ant species are capable of carrying bacteria into your home and contaminating food items or cooking areas. Some of the ants that live here in Kernersville include:

  •  Odorous house ants

  • Carpenter ants

  • Pavement ants

  • Acrobat ants

  • Argentine ants

Carpenter ants are the only ant species that can cause damage to your property, but dealing with any species of ants in your home or business is not a pleasant experience. If you need help with your ant problem, the professionals at Ray's Pest Control can help! We offer customized ant treatments based on the species of ants you’re dealing with. Give us a call today to get the pest control treatments you deserve.

a mosquito at a sunset

Some pests are active year-round, while others are seasonal and only appear once the conditions are just right. Here in Kernersville, mosquitoes are seasonal pests that become active from late spring to early fall. Mosquitoes typically become a problem once temperatures rise above 50 degrees, though they are most active in 80-degree weather. Mosquito infestations can ruin outdoor gatherings and annoy your guests, but they can pose serious health risks as well. Malaria, West Nile virus, and dengue are just a few of the diseases that mosquitoes are responsible for spreading.

To avoid the problems mosquitoes cause and minimize your mosquito exposure, implement a few of these mosquito prevention tips:

  • Mow your lawn frequently to keep your grass short.

  • Trim hedges, shrubs, weeds, and other foliage away from your property.

  • Replace the water in birdbaths and other lawn decorations regularly.

  • Remove sources of standing water.

  • Clear sticks, leaves, and other organic materials out of your gutters to prevent water from building up.

  • Wear insect repellent when you spend time outdoors.

  • Dump out items that could collect rainwater, such as flowerpots and buckets.

  • Avoid going outside during dawn and dusk when mosquito activity is highest.

Reduce mosquito problems around your Kernersville home or business by partnering with the local pest control professionals here at Ray's Pest Control. We’re proud to offer effective mosquito control solutions that you can depend on. Don’t hesitate to contact Ray's Pest Control today to learn more about all of our pest control services.

Commercial Pest Control In Kernersville, NC

To keep invading pests out of your Kernersville business, turn to the experienced pest technicians here at Ray's Pest Control. We will take care of your pest control needs so that you can focus on the needs of your business, customers, and employees. Our commercial pest control plans will eliminate current pest problems and keep pests from invading in the future. We understand that pests put the success of your Kernersville business at risk, which is why we will work quickly to get rid of pests before they have the opportunity to cause problems within your establishment. To find out more about our commercial pest control process, reach out to Ray's Pest Control today.

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