Thank you for joining us for part two of this short blog series. In part one, we looked at ways to help you identify bed bugs in your home or lodgings while traveling this summer. Bed bugs are known as the hitchhiking bug, which is how they travel so easily from location to location and take up residence in homes across the United States and beyond. Here are the bed bug identification tips we discussed last time:

  • Small, bulbous bodies shaped like an apple seed (about 3/16 – ¼ of an inch)
  • Reddish-brown color
  • Antenna and six legs (no wings)
  • Sweet, musty smell
  • Red, brown, dark spots from being crushed or defecation
  • Eggshells and cast skin from molting process

If you want to protect your home in Piedmont from becoming infested by bed bugs, read the following tips for identifying these pests. If you think you have a bed bug problem and want to get rid of them right away, call Ray Pest Control today to schedule a free inspection for a bed bug removal in Piedmont.

Red, Itchy Welts On Your Skin

If you notice red rashes and welts on your skin, this may be a sign of bed bugs. Bed bugs feed on large mammals, including people and pets, and prefer to feed at night under the cover of darkness and while the house is relatively still. For this reason, you may not notice bed bug bites for several days after being bitten. Some people will never even know they were bitten. The size of bed bug bites varies, but they often appear in a cluster or line, depending on how many times they bite. Bites are red, itchy, and may welt and swell. They tend to feed on exposed skin on the upper body, such as on arms, shoulders, neck, and head.

You Notice Scurrying At Night

While you likely won’t hear tiny bed bugs creeping around at night, you may see them moving about. If you go into a dark room, turn on the light, and notice small bodies scurrying away from the light into closets, under floorboards, or into creases of upholstered furniture, these may be bed bugs. Or you might see them running along the headboard of your bed, under your pillows, or along the sides of your mattress. What a terrifying thought.

Regardless of if they are bed bugs or not, seeing more than one insect in your home, scurrying away could be the sign of a pest invasion, in which case, you’ll want to call your local pest control team.

Request a Free Bed Bug Inspection Today

Do the signs we have discussed in our short blog series seem familiar? If so, you’ll want to call Ray Pest Control right away to request a bed bug inspection. Once we have determined you have a bed bug infestation, we will apply your preferred method of bed bug treatment, ranging from chemical treatments to bed bug heat treatments. Call us today for a safe and effective bed bug removal in Piedmont and we’ll turn your bed bugs into dead bugs, or we won’t take your money. Until next time, thanks for reading!