Hello, and welcome back to the Ray Pest Control blog! In part one of our short blog series, we offered tips for avoiding bed bugs during your holiday travels. We explored some general information about bed bugs including how to identify them, and where they love to hang out and hide. We also looked at ways to avoid catching bed bugs while staying in hotels and motels during holiday vacations, such as inspecting your lodgings before bringing in your luggage, looking for signs of a bed bug infestation, and how to safely unpack your luggage, and inspect and clean your belongings after arriving home from a trip. In part two of our blog series, we will look at ways to avoid catching bed bugs from holiday guests who may have picked up bed bugs on their journey to visit you.

Ways To Avoid Bed Bugs When Hosting House Guests

  • When welcoming guests into your home who may have been staying in hotels or motels prior to visiting, it is possible they picked up these holiday hitchhikers.
  • You can also check to see what cities and regions have high rates of bed bug infestations. If your friend or loved one is coming to stay with you from any high-risk area, you can ask them to follow the same precautions listed above that one would take when arriving home after traveling.
  • After they leave, inspect the room carefully for signs of bed bugs, and call Ray Pest Control immediately if you notice anything suspicious.

Signs You May Have Picked Up Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs feed at night, so chances are you won’t feel their painless attacks while you’re sleeping; however, one of the first telltale signs that you have bed bugs is if you notice a red, itchy rash or raised, clustered welts that usually form a line on your skin.
  • If you notice small, sticky, blackish-brown or dark-red stains on your bedding, in the mattress seams, or in the seams and creases of upholstered furniture, it is most likely bed bug poop. Bed bugs defecate right after feeding and often leave a trail or cluster of fecal stains and remnants of the pests’ ingested human blood. Oftentimes, bed bug victims unknowingly roll over and squish these vampire bugs while they are feeding, which can also leave red spots on bedding.
  • Bed bugs emit a distinctive, sweet, almond-like odor, but this isn’t always as easy to detect unless there’s a serious infestation.
  • You may also notice the shells of cast skins from young bed bugs moving into adulthood, which they typically shed four to five times before reaching full adulthood.

Call for Top Rated Local® Bed Bug Removal

If you think you may have gotten bed bugs from a holiday guest, call Ray Pest Control immediately! We will safely and efficiently destroy these gross pests from your Winston-Salem home. We use an effective and eco-friendly bed bug heat treatment to eliminate your bed bug problem for good, which will give you peace of mind in knowing that these pests have been removed for once and for all. Give our team a call today for a bed bug treatment.