termites-picTermites are dangerous creatures; not to us personally, but our homes. Termites have been known to completely destroy perfectly sound homes, big or small. The problem with termites is that once they find your home, they’ll look for every piece of wood-fiber possible. And, since they’re one of the smallest insects, they can squeeze into the smallest cracks. Cracks as narrow as the thickness of a penny are big enough for termites. This means that foundation cracks, expansion joints, gaps around plumbing and electrical service entries are all opportunities for termites to come into your home and destroy it.

How do you prevent termites?

Termites are creatures of destruction, and because they’re so small, they’ll make your life a living nightmare. They can fit into the smallest cracks anywhere in your home, and once they’ve invaded an area, good luck getting rid of them on your own. In order to prevent termites, you need to take a couple of actions:

#1 Reduce Moisture

Termites love moisture. They are drawn to anything that’s damp, whether that be an attic that isn’t properly ventilated or a basement that has a plumbing leak.


#2 Reduce Organic Matter

A home with a lot of organic matter sends an invite out to termites in the area. For example, wood debris, including sawdust, firewood or scrap lumber are all materials that termites love. Having these types of organic matter in and around your home lets termites know they’re welcome. And, if you think burying the organic matter will solve the problem, think again. Termites will dig underground to get to the wood you’ve buried.

How do you reduce moisture and organic matter?

It’s time you take a look around your home for all moisture-driven spots and areas that have organic matter lying around. It’s time to reach out to a roofing company if you have a roof repair, a plumber if you have a leaky toilet or water line, etc. Also, if you have grade soil in your foundation or crawl space, it’s time to upgrade or get rid of moisture as best as you can. We highly suggest lining your crawl space with heavy-duty plastic sheeting to keep the house and ground separated as best as you can.


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