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Nothing ruins the opportunity to enjoy your backyard, patio, or deck quite like having to deal with the annoying and persistent mosquitoes. It’s almost as if they show up as soon as the weather gets nice. When you finally have the chance to enjoy a nice day, the last thing you want to deal with are these pesky little mosquitoes. Ray Pest control has the answer for your mosquito problem so that you can avoid staying cooped up in your home all summer long. We can promise you complete control of your mosquito problem.

Contact Ray Pest Control for our outstanding mosquito control and management services. We can guarantee that we will rid you of these pests and give you back your relaxing backyard. We have been dedicated to servicing the pest control needs of the Greensboro, and surrounding areas, for years; especially when it comes to mosquitoes.

As with the rest of our pest control services, Ray Pest Control employ’s state-of-the-art techniques to help you and your family remain pest free in your own home. These services are especially important for mosquitoes because they’re not only annoying insects whose bites leave you itching, but they also carry disease. In order to avoid these types of responses, it’s important to have a trusted service that you rely on to keep your home mosquito, and pest, free.

We employ the following techniques to control mosquitos in the Greensboro area:

  • One-time Mosquito Treatment: If you’ve just noticed a particularly mosquito-infested area on your property, you might want to get a one-time treatment. We’ll inspect your property for mosquito breeding areas and treat them so the insects can’t hatch and grow in your backyard.
  • Monthly Mosquito Treatment: In the humid South, sometimes a one-time treatment isn’t enough. If you love being outdoors all summer, we suggest you invest in our monthly barrier treatments. We’ll use safe pesticides to rid your property of mosquitos and other bugs with no harm to you and your family, creating a lasting barrier between the comfort of mosquito-free living and the world infested with the blood-sucking insects.

Contact Ray Pest Control today and learn more about our mosquito removal services. Even if you’ve grown up in North Carolina and are used to mosquitos being a part of your summer, you’ll want to check out our services. You don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve had a summer without mosquito bites!

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