Being able to provide the highest quality of pest control services in Greensboro is something we’ve worked hard to do. In order to be the best, we not only provide pest control services that eliminate your current pest issues, but we also provide you with the tools to make sure that you don’t have to worry about any down the road. Since we know where all types of pests like to make homes, we know exactly where to take proactive steps to avoid them. For instance, any damp areas in or around your North Carolina home, are sure to attract bugs, reptiles and other pests. Let our moisture control services keep that from being a problem you have.

When you add vapor barriers to your home, you can count on damp areas in your basement, attic or garage being eliminated. Pests are often driven to find homes that are moist, whether it be damp wood, mold growing in a corner or humid rooms, they are sure to find these spots. When you add a vapor barrier to your home, not only will you be eliminating the chances of pests making a new home within your home, but you’ll also prevent any forms of bacteria or mold from growing inside of your home.

If you have yet to  instal a vapor barrier into your crawl space or have an area of your home that has a concerning amount of moisture built up, it’s time to call Ray Pest Control. We can handle these types of problems quickly, providing you with an enhanced comfort and lifestyle. Call today to schedule our high-quality moisture control services. When you call, we will provide you with a free quote and can get started as soon as possible.