Preventing the build-up of water on your property is something that can be done in one easy step but will ultimately provide you with years of payoff. Certain pests like bugs and reptiles will often go towards damp or wet areas that make perfect homes for them. The professionals at Ray Pest Control provide the Greensboro area with the highest quality of drainage systems with sump pumps so that any stagnant water is removed. Installing a drainage system is the best way to get rid of one of the most common pest attractions: stagnant and sitting water.

Some of the more common pests that enjoy standing water are bugs, mostly mosquitos. Unfortunately, if you have a dip in your property, or a design that makes it easy for water to build up, you should especially be considering a drainage system. Keeping the water from backing up in the first place will help minimize the chances of pests every approaching the area as a potential home.

Contact Ray Pest Control today for a free quote and let us eliminate the standing water problem from your property. The result will be fewer pests and a healthier environment for you and your family. Call or reach out to us online for a quick quote on installing a drainage system with a sump pump on your land.