Homeowners in North Carolina come across several different insects and pests while living in their homes. It can be frightening and uncomfortable knowing that you are sharing your living space with creepy and unusual insects. One common insect that many people find frightening and alarming when they are found in their home, is the earwig. Earwigs are small insects that are characterized by the pincers located on the back of their abdomen. While these may look menacing, earwigs are harmless insects that are not poisonous.

While many people will see an earwig or two in their home, many do not experience a large infestation. Earwigs typically do not infest homes and are not social insects. Therefore, they are not found in large colonies and they are most commonly found outside in extremely moist environments that are heavy with vegetation. Earwigs cannot tolerate dry, sunny environments for an extended period of time. So, unless the living conditions are conducive to earwigs, as they might be in a basement, it is not common to find many earwigs in your home. That does not mean that they do not occasionally wander inside your home. This can happen and many times, this will lead homeowners to believe that there is an infestation.

Although earwigs look alarming, they are generally considered to be harmless insects. However, it is never ideal nor healthy to share your home with insects, regardless of whether or not they are harmful. As we mentioned earlier, earwigs are most commonly found in the damper areas of your home, such as basements, kitchens, or bathrooms. If you suspect you have an earwig infestation in your home or on your property, please contact your exterminator in Winston Salem, NC. We will rid your home of these insects and do everything we can to help prevent any additional infestations.