Bed bugs were once a rare occurrence in the United States, but now they are all too common place. More and more areas are seeing them, and it isn’t limited to dirty or unkempt households. We’re seeing more bed bugs in North Carolina than ever before, and they are finding homes in the nicest, cleanest houses in the area. Often bed bugs are discovered only when their numbers are overwhelming, leaving you with the enormous task of getting rid of these unwelcome guests

Getting rid of bed bugs without the help of a professional is almost impossible. That’s because to entirely eliminate them, you have to kill of the adult bugs as well as their eggs. They are sneaky, too, hiding in the cracks and folds of your bed and furniture. One of the most common signs are bite marks on your body. These bites will look like a rash on first glance, but closer inspection will reveal a straight line of bites instead of a random pattern. You can also look for adult bugs or their shed skins in the seams of your mattress and box spring.

Think you might have bed bugs? Call Ray Pest Control. We offer free visual inspections for bed bugs in North Carolina. Our professionally trained crew will come out to your home and look for signs of the unwelcome guests. If we find evidence of bed bugs in your home, we’ll get to work immediately eliminating them and keeping them gone for good. One phone call is all it takes to make your bed bugs dead bugs!