Rumors have been flying this summer about foods said to keep mosquitoes away, but how many of those are true? Ray Pest Control is certain they can control any of the mosquito problems at your home, but these myths might help you out when out and about! If you’re one of those people that’s always the one to get bit, maybe adding a few of these to your diet is worth a shot!

Garlic Cloves

Aside from vampires, garlic might also keep mosquitoes away. This is said to be because of the odor that escapes your pores when you sweat. No, it’s not a great smell, but if you’re hoping to keep the bugs away, might as well give it a shot!

Vanilla Concoction

It appears that mosquitos are the exception to everyone liking the smell of vanilla.. Adding 1 tablespoon of vanilla to 1 diluted cup of water, and rubbing the mix on your skin will keep mosquitoes, flies away. This might be a great thing to try with any house pets as well, since they’re exposed more than we are.

Onions, Oranges & Lemon Peels

The three of these keep bugs away when you rubbed on your skin. As strange as it may seem, mosquitoes, gnats and ticks are not fans of these three smells. While you may not be crazy about rubbing peels on yourself, you’ll probably change your mind once you are bite free!

Nobody’s entirely sure how accurate these myths are, but they’re definitely worth a shot when heading out for a night in the park or a weekend camping trip. But before you go rubbing an onion on your home, call Ray Pest Control in Piedmont and let us help you!