Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Ray Pest Control a licensed termite and pest control company?
A: Yes! Ray believes continuing education is essential to quality service and provides ongoing training for management and staff.

Q: Does the company warranty or guarantee the work they provide?
A: Ray offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If we can’t solve your problem, we won’t take your money.

Q: Is Ray qualified to provide both residential and commercial service?
A: Yes! For over twenty years. Ray has delivered the best in products and services to residential and commercial patrons. Clients include hotels, motels, restaurants, golf courses, churches, condominiums, nightclubs, retail facilities and more. Extensive experience means they are prepared for every job – large and small.

Q: I don’t have termites in my home, but I don’t want them either. How can I keep my home protected?
A: Making a call to Ray for a free inspection is a good idea. Reduce your chance of termite attack, never store firewood on the ground and/or against your home. Keep 6” to 8” of clearance between the bottom of your siding and the soil. Keep Moisture from accumulating next to the foundation.

Q: My neighbor has termites and his home is treated. Will they come to my home?
A: Not necessarily, but it would be a good idea to have your home inspected to make sure. Ray is happy to look over your home, and if needed, prescribe a protection program to fit your specific needs – and your budget.