One of the best parts of winter is that the chances of finding bugs inside your home decreases. As spring and summer come around, you’re sure to see that first spider make an appearance somewhere in your home, which only brings the acceptance that they aren’t the only bug finding a sanctuary somewhere within your home. So where are all of these bugs hiding throughout the colder seasons that they’re just now making an appearance? Here are a few of the most common places pests love to hide that you should be keeping an eye on.


These dark spaces offer a prime hiding spot for bugs. Because of the proximity to food and dark space, this is a great place for bugs to not only hide, but to also leave their larvae. If there are cupboards that you rarely get into, there’s a high chance that these cupboards are the ones that pests will be lingering in.

Under Sinks

Pests love making homes under sinks for a few reasons. One of the primary reasons is that these areas are full of moisture because of the piping that is there. Along with the dark hiding space that it provides and the ease at which they can find hiding spaces, these really are a great area for pests to make homes.


It should go without saying that pests can commonly be found in the garage. For most people, this becomes an area of storage with plenty of cabinets, boxes and pieces of equipment that are perfect for hiding away. Aside from that, your garage door opens right to the great outdoors, making it an even easier point of access.

If you’ve noticed a few pests in your home, it’s time to schedule that spring fumigation. As a resident of Greensboro you know how the nice weather brings out all the creepy crawlers. Ray Pest Control is the Top Rated Local® pest management business in Greensboro. Don’t let these pesky pests take over your home, call our office today!