If you are looking for information on the pests that have invaded your home, our Pest Resource Guide is the perfect place to start! Our pest control company in North Carolina has amassed a lot of information on pests over the last 40 years, and a lot of what we’ve learned is in our resource guide. You can pull up information about bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, rodents, and so much more. These are all pests we’ve dealt with and successfully gotten rid of for clients all over North Carolina.

Some people want to learn more about the pests in their home, because they know that learning about the pests can help them prevent another infestation in the future. Some people don’t want to know anything about the critters in their home; they just want them gone. Ray Pest Control is happy to help you either way! We’re here to help you control the pests in and around your home to create a cleaner, safer environment for you and your family. We’re happy to give you information on keeping pests away in the future, too, and help you take steps to ensure they never come back.

If your home has been overrun by pests, give us a call right away. We’ll send our team to your home as soon as possible. We’ll evaluate the kind of pest you are dealing with, the severity of the infestation, and quickly implement a plan to get rid of them. No matter what you are dealing with, we can help! From ants to wildlife, Ray Pest Control is a pest control company in North Carolina that’s seen and done it all! Give us a call today.