1. 5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Spiders this Fall

    For many residents in Piedmont, spiders can be wonderful allies to have when it comes to protecting a home from unwanted insects flying into your home; however, they can also become a scary nuisance when they’re found creeping on the walls of your home’s interior. As the seasons begin to change from summer to fall, spiders will definitely continue lingering around the home. With the cooler day…Read More

  2. How to Avoid Wasps This Summer

    This summer, you want to enjoy the warm weather while you can. Fall is just around the corner, so it’s time to take in all that summer has to offer, particularly when it comes to spending time outside. Summer is a time for picnics, backyard BBQs, and time spent soaking up the vitamin D. When you are ready to spend time outdoors, the last thing you want is to deal with wasps. Wasps seem to make a…Read More

  3. More Pests to Watch Out For This Summer

    Summertime is for picnics, trips to the swimming pool, and having a blast on vacation. Dealing with pests is probably not on your bucket list this summer. However, with warmer weather comes insects, and this summer, it is in your best interest to be proactive about pest control. In our previous blog, we started going over some of the pests you need to watch out for this summer. In this blog, we wi…Read More

  4. Pests to Watch Out For This Summer

    This summer, you want to be relaxing on the beach, having a barbeque with your loved ones, watching fireworks on the Fourth of July, and taking in the natural beauty of North Carolina. One thing you definitely don’t want to be doing is worrying about pests. Unfortunately, there is only so much that products you buy in the store for pest control can do for an infestation. During the warm weather …Read More

  5. 4 Insects That Are Actually Beneficial

    Usually, when a customer calls or contacts us online, it’s because some kind of a pest is in their home or office, and they want it out. We get it, as pest control specialists in Piedmont, that’s the nature of the business. People see an insect, their skin crawls, and they just want that little bugger gone. That must mean we’re all about destroying bugs, right? Well...yes and no. When we tal…Read More

  6. Tips on How To Prevent Mice

    Your home does not invite pests to enter without permission. In fact, we don’t think they’ll ever deserve permission to enter into your home. If you have been dealing with mice problems and you’re sick and tired of these rodents calling your home their home, it’s time you make a change for the better. Our incredible team of pest control experts in Piedmont has some tips you may want to giv…Read More

  7. Spot Pests Prior to Christmas

    It can be heartbreaking to realize all of your Christmas decorations are ruined because of rodents making your home their home. Although every little critter should have a home during the holidays, mice aren’t welcome in your home during the holiday season. You don’t want your jovial decorations providing you with more than just the holiday spirit, right? Unwelcome house guests, such as mice …Read More

  8. Pests Hide Where?! Start Defending Your Home!

    It’s about that time again; pests and little rodents are fighting their way into your humble abode. Have you found this as an annoying and disturbing problem in which you don’t want to deal? Our exterminators don’t blame you! Because insects and rodents can disturb many relaxing evenings within your home, our pest control professionals are here to provide you with some information that may b…Read More

  9. Common Insects That Bug Us

    There are so many different types of insects out there who make their ways into our homes through the North Carolina area. These insects only bug us, scare us and sometimes cause problems within the structure of our homes. If you’re a resident of Piedmont, NC who has been suffering from an insect infestation, it’s time to give your local pest control team a call. However, do you even know what…Read More