Bed bugs weren’t something to be concerned about in the United States a few decades ago. Reported cases in the United States were few and far between, and it wasn’t something people worried about when they purchased second hand furniture or traveled. Unfortunately, bed bugs are becoming more and more common in all areas of the country, and they aren’t strangers to even five-star hotels and the most spotless homes. So how did these pests become so prevalent in our country?

Bed bugs have become more resilient to pesticides, making them harder to kill. They were so scarce decades ago because pest control experts were using much harsher pesticides…which weren’t just impacting the bed bug population. Pets and humans were effected by the pesticides, which caused cancer, birth defects, and more. Those dangerous pesticides were quickly banned, but it allowed the bed bug population to grow. People began traveling more in the recent decades, visiting places where bed bugs were more common and bringing them back home with them. It only takes a few bed bugs to start a massive infestation, and they can spread undetected quickly.

Whatever brought beg bugs to North Carolina, if you find them in your home you want them gone–now. That’s why you need to call Ray Pest Control. We offer free inspection to confirm the presence of bed bugs and give you a free quote on getting rid of them. Then we get to work getting them out of your home. We offer chemical and non-chemical solutions including heat treatments, and all of our methods are extremely effective. We back up our pest control work with a money back guarantee so you can count on our service to kill all of the bed bugs in your home!