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Winston-Salem's Handy Guide To Termite Mud Tubes

June 15, 2021

a termite mud tube in a house

Each year in the U.S., termites are estimated to create billions of dollars in property damage, which generally is not covered by property insurance policies. The most prevalent type found in the region is subterranean termites, meaning they create their nest underground. When these nests are located on properties with a wooden structure, the termites may travel back and forth through mud tubes.

Understanding Mud Tubes Created By Subterranean Termites

Mud tubes are passages or tunnels that subterranean termites create through the soil, wood, or other materials that are approximately the width of a pencil. They often appear as patterned formations through parts of the foundation or floor joists. The tubes allow termites to safely travel from the nest to sources of food (wood) and water.    Termites tend to attack the interior of a wooden structure; therefore, the damage they are creating may be difficult to visually detect. Removing mud tubes by scraping is a good way of determining whether an infestation is active. 

Where To Look For Evidence Of An Intrusion

The colony’s worker termites remain busy searching for sources of wood, with a preference for material that has water damage. For this reason, a termite infestation might be an indicator of a leaking pipe, water heater, or other problem. Another way that termite problems are discovered is seeing swarms.    During the spring, winged termites congregate in swarms as part of their mating ritual. Because of similarities, swarming termites are sometimes mistaken as flying ants. Termites ultimately shed their wings, and often small piles of these are visible.

Do I Need A Professional Exterminator?

Home improvement stores and internet retailers promote many different do-it-yourself treatment options that are insufficient for banishing well-established termite colonies. These products include foams, powders, and concentrated sprays that make farfetched claims of being a quick and easy solution. The reality is that termites are resilient pests that can temporarily relocate to adjacent untreated areas, and create further damage.    Internet searches also generate information from various sources that suggest using fabled home remedies, such as oil from orange peels, vinegar, and other all-natural ideas that are unlikely to generate any results. The expenses associated with hiring professional termite control may be minuscule to the long-term costs that could result from serious structural damage to homes, garages, businesses, and other properties. Rather than allowing termite damage to continue, property owners are encouraged to initially contact a licensed exterminator. 

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