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Winston-Salem, NC Property Owner's Guide To Effective Bat Control

August 13, 2021

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Bats don't belong inside your Winston-Salem home, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. For a variety of reasons, bats sometimes end up in local homes. And while these mammals don't live up to their horrid reputation, they are dangerous. Find out more about what you should be doing to keep bats outside and away from your home.

The Bats In The Area

In Winston-Salem, there are three common types of bats.  First, there is the big brown bat. This flying mammal has a windsurf that approaches 16 inches. It's one of the largest local bats and has long and oily fur.

Meanwhile, the little brown bat is much smaller. Although this bat also has oily fur, it only has a wingspan of between eight and eleven inches.  If you find a bat in or near your property, it's likely to be this kind.

The other bat of the area is the Brazilian free-tailed bat. When you watch this bat fly, you can see its tail. The tail is about half the length of the bat's body and the bat has a wingspan of about 13 inches long.

Where Bats In Winston-Salem Hang Out

Generally, most bats in our Winston-Salem service area are known to either live in trees in caves. That doesn't mean they don't end up in homes, though. Your walls, eaves, and chimneys create conditions similar to caves. If you find a big brown or little brown bat in your attic, you shouldn't be surprised.

The outbuildings on your property could also be a home for bats. They will also find comfort In garages and barns. There they don't need to deal with too much disruption and have plenty of food available.

Why is it that bats come around your property in the first place? Usually, they invade homes and outbuildings when food is abundant. Bats eat insects, so having other insects nearby could be a sign you have a pest problem.

Tips For Bat Prevention

Not everyone is afraid of bats. But this doesn't mean you would like to find them in your home. When bats are around, there's a chance you could become ill. Although these creatures are reluctant to bite, they can spread diseases.

With that in mind, you probably want to prevent bats from taking up residence in your home or garage. These simple tips can protect you from bats, as can working with the professionals:

  • Use Bat Control Release Devices: Netting or bag control release devices go in the areas where bats are entering. Once installed, the devices allow bats to leave on their own accord without getting injured or feeling threatened.

  • Sealing All Openings: It's a misconception that bats chew holes to gain entry into homes. However,  they find other ways of getting in, like flying in through small holes. To keep bats out, you should check your home for holes and crevices. Seal them up, or you could have bats getting indoors.

  • Build A Bat House: If you want to entice bats away from your property, install a bat house on a tree away from your home. In addition to keeping a bat from roosting in your home, a bat house also allows you to reap the natural benefits of having these insect catchers around. You can enjoy fewer mosquitoes and other insects in your yard.

What To Do About Bats

When you find bats in your home, you need professional help. Here at Ray's Pest Control & Wildlife Removal, we have highly trained technicians who can safely remove bats. For years, we have been offering wildlife control services to Winston-Salem property owners. Call us today for further information on our available prevention plans as well as how we can provide you with excellent home and commercial pest control.

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