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Winston-Salem Homeowners' Helpful Guide To Odorous House Ants

May 14, 2021

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If you’ve ever asked yourself “what’s that smell?” you know how it feels to be hunting for the root of a household problem. You will probably check the trashcan for bad food, or the refrigerator for spoiled groceries. Maybe you will even check the dishwasher for dirty plates that have not yet been run. If you still cannot find the root of your problem, these little devils may be the reason for your discomfort!

The odorous house ant is one of the most distasteful and frustrating household pests in the Winston-Salem area. As sneaky as a rat and as smelly as a wildlife creature, there simply couldn’t be a worse combination in all of the pest world!

If you don’t recognize the name ‘odorous house ant’ at first glance, you have likely seen one of these pests crawling through the yard at some point. Some of the most identifiable features of odorous house ants include:

  • The names ‘sugar ant,’ ‘stink ant,’ or ‘coconut ant

  • Large and unevenly shaped thoraxes

  • Smooth, hairless, and otherwise glossy exoskeletons

  • Color patterns of black, brown, or very dark chestnut

Odorous house ants are well known for putting out a smelly odor when crushed, some of which people attribute to rotting coconut or a musky sweet scent that lingers for long periods of time. While it may not sound so bad at first, the truth is that odorous house ants are particularly irritating to deal with in a residential environment.

These pests have the ability to cause lots of damage to your home, health, and property, including but not limited to property destruction, the discoloration of walls and paint, the spread of disease, and the contamination of food products. If you are concerned about odorous house ants gaining access to your home this year, stay tuned for some helpful tips.

The Many Methods Of Odorous House Ant Prevention In Winston-Salem

Odorous house ants, like many other types of pests, require some sort of stimulus in order to move their colony. Their new choice of home is attributed to the availability of important factors, including food, water, shelter, and other circumstances. Certain events, including wildfires, floods, or extreme temperatures may push them closer to your home in an attempt to salvage the colony.

If you are being faced with an odorous house ant problem this spring, you will need to call in the experts at Ray’s Pest Control immediately. If pests have not quite yet entered the property, you can begin the warm season with the following pest control pointers.

  • Caulk, seal and block off any potential entry points forming around the home. Look for fissures in the walls, gaps in window screens, and improperly placed weather stripping on the bottoms of doors.

  • Limit the amount of food available both inside and outside the house. Store all garbage in plastic bags or sealed bins. Carefully maintain or monitor compost bins for ant activity. Finally, do not allow any crumbs or drink spills to remain on the ground for long.

  • Clean the home often, taking care to vacuum, sweep, and mop on a regular basis.

If you are still concerned that odorous house ants will call on your property, contact Ray’s Pest Control to help. Our quick and helpful home inspections can be done at your earliest convenience.

Managing Odorous House Ants The Right Way With Ray’s Pest Control

Odorous house ants may not look like much, but there is greater strength in numbers than most people realize. The quickest and most efficient way to handle odorous house ants in your Winston-Salem property is by trusting the professional assistance at Ray’s Pest Control. Contact us today to ask about our home and commercial pest control services!

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