Most people are familiar with the problems that regular pests bring when they invade. Some are a simple nuisance, while others are a threat to you or your property. However, it’s unlikely they’re prepared when the local wildlife invades said property.

One of the most common animals to invade Winston-Salem properties is the bat. Bats are nocturnal and are a flying mammal that is fond of dark places and corners. While there are many species of bats, the most common ones to invade the area include:

  • Little brown bats: Arguably the most common species of bat, this one is known for its dark brown fur and relatively small size. During the summer is when they’re the most active. Not only do they like the dark corners, but they also prey on insects in the area.
  • Big brown bats: This species is similar in coloring to their smaller counterpart, but as its name implies, their size is much larger. In fact, they’re the largest cave bats around. Like other bats, they’re active in summer, but they also are the only bats that will spend their winters in buildings.
  • Brazilian free-tailed bats: This bat is most identified by their long tail. This tail can equal about half of their overall length. Besides their tail, they are brown and boast a wingspan of approximately one foot.

Where Do Bats Hide And Are They Dangerous?

It’s not a secret that people want to remove bats from the property upon discovery. However, to accomplish this, it’s necessary to understand where to find them. The most obvious place to start is wherever it’s dark and secluded on the property. For residences, this usually means the attic, chimney, or belfry. For commercial properties, this can be the rafters, the basement, or any room that doesn’t see much traffic.
The good news is that bats are not a direct physical threat to humans despite pop culture making them seem more vicious than they really are. As such, they’re more likely to leave you alone and focus on hunting their actual prey, which are insects and other pests. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not a threat to humans. Some of the dangers bats present include:

  • Disease: It’s a well-known fact that bats carry a range of diseases. This includes rabies. Ultimately, the longer your exposure to bats, the more likely you are to contract an illness from this animal.
  • Guano: This is another term for bat droppings. These droppings can contaminate the soil with a fungus. This fungus can lead to a condition known as Histoplasmosis. Trust us. This isn’t a condition you want to contract.
  • Property damage: Unlike other pests and animals, this one doesn’t mean to harm your property. As such, any property damage that occurs is better classified as collateral damage that occurs due to playing host. The damage can be structural or cosmetic depending on their location.

Bat Control With Ray’s Pest Control

Local wildlife is an important component of the ecosystem. However, that doesn’t mean animals don’t get too close for comfort when they invade your home. Bats are no exception in this matter, which is why we’re there for our Winston-Salem customers. Our team provides wildlife services designed to safely, humanely, efficiently, and effectively remove your wildlife problems.
We approach your bat infestation as we do with every pest that invades your home. We begin by assessing the problem to determine if you have bats, and if so, which kind. Once assessed, we take action by using our bat control solutions and then put in place follow-up measures to ensure the problem doesn’t occur again.
Are you in need of bat control services? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional wildlife control options or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.