They might have been thoroughly ‘cutified’ by today’s pop culture, but these wild outdoor pests are anything but tame. Raccoons are large Procyonidae mammals native to the United States. They are often characterized by ringed tails, grey fur, and a peculiar black ‘mask’ that covers their eyes and lower face. This creature is extremely intelligent and often skulks around human dwellings and cities in search of a quick meal. Raccoons engage in a myriad of social behaviors, congregating together to find food. 

Not only are raccoons a household or business nuisance, but they can be quite dangerous as well. Not every raccoon is directly dangerous to humans, but many can carry dangerous diseases and parasites, including rabies. What’s worse, some raccoons may be serving as carriers for other pests such as fleas and ticks. Left alone, raccoons could easily damage a Winston-Salem home or lawn.

Discouraging Winston-Salem Raccoons From Entering Your Lawn

Here’s the bad news first: there are no magical remedies or treatments to use when mitigating potential raccoon activity. However, notice the keyword ‘mitigating.’ Following the prevention steps below will help greatly reduce your risk of a raccoon infestation, and protect the ones you love most.

  • Manage the greenery growing about the property: mow the lawn, prune back trees and shrubs, and monitor weeds growing near the sides of the home.
  • Keep all outdoor garbage sealed in airtight, protected bins with lids that raccoons cannot open.
  • Reduce areas of standing water from around the lawn, fill dips, potholes, and over low points in the ground with topsoil, and keep a close eye on any ponds, fountains, or birdbaths.

If you are concerned that black masked 'trash pandas' are beginning to move into your local Winston-Salem lawn, don't wait a minute longer to act. Book an appointment with Ray's Pest Control to receive a home inspection for your unique property.

Get Control Over Your Winston-Salem Wildlife With Ray’s Pest Control

Wildlife species of all kinds are difficult to fully keep out of lawns, but raccoons are quite possibly the worst of the worst. If these dangerous and sometimes disease-ridden creatures make their way indoors, your problems will have only begun. Home DIY efforts are an excellent place to start with raccoon control, but what should you do when their presence becomes all too obvious? 

If you are interested in receiving additional tips, tricks, or pointers on the removal of raccoons around your Winston-Salem property, do not hesitate to reach out to the professional team at Ray’s Pest Control right away. A full-service team with a friendly smile, Ray’s Pest Control offers quality wildlife treatments at an affordable price.

We understand just how frustrating wildlife species can be on your property, and we want to mitigate your pest fears as much as possible. More than 45 years of year-round pest control services have equipped us with the skills needed to keep your home safe, no matter what kind of pest comes crawling from your garbage bin.

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