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The Secret To Effective Pest Control For Your Winston-Salem Property

April 15, 2020

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When you come home from work, don’t you want to enjoy a comfortable environment? Your home should be a place of safety, comfort, and bliss. Does insect activity sound like it’s a part of the environment you want to come home to? When you moved into your dream home or that cool new apartment, did you envision seeing bugs crawling out of the corner of your eye or roaches darting away when you entered a room? That’s not exactly that homey feeling you were searching for when you signed the papers and moved in, no, the sad truth is that a home with pests is just another house.

Pest Protection Is Health Protection

So what is home? Home is a family. It’s rejuvenating. It’s healthy. But without pest control, you’re allowing insects and critters to bring deadly diseases from outside into your home. Roaches and rats will carry in diseases and leave them throughout your kitchen and on things you touch every day. House flies may seem like a relatively innocent nuisance, but they can spread diseases to food prepping surfaces and any food that’s left out. Do me a favor: next time you see a fly in your house, follow it for a minute. Count how many surfaces it touches that you regularly touch and just imagine how many dirty, contaminated places it’s been. That’ll make you pick up the phone quicker than anything else.

Pest Protection Is Financial Protection

Along with protecting your health, home pest protection is also an insurance policy against potential financial loss. We all understand that termites cost American homeowners billions of dollars each year in damage, that’s the obvious one. You’ve also got to think about the crickets and mice chewing electrical wires in the basement and other pests that love to burrow small holes into your drywall. And what about that nice outdoor space you invest money in to make into a great hangout spot for barbecues and big games? Mosquitos and house flies can ruin an outdoor event more quickly than a bad performance by your favorite team.

Pest Protection On Your Own

So what do you do? Google how to protect your home from insects without spending money on pest control? You’ll be sure to find “guaranteed” solutions like hanging Ziploc bags filled with water in the doorways to ward house flies off. First of all, how tacky looking. Second of all, I have tried this solution myself, and it really only resulted in annoying my wife. The reality is that every home remedy is just Band-Aid for a much larger issue, typically leading to you spending more money to solve an infestation issue than it would have cost to spend a little bit on preventative pest control.

The Only Guarantees

If you want to protect your health and the health of your loved ones (even your pets), preventative pest control is a necessity. Instead of reacting to a situation, professional pest control, when done correctly, is a blanket of services that will cover your Winston-Salem home from all of the pests that typically inhabit this region and threaten your health and comfort. Notice how I said, “when done correctly”. The best way to guarantee that you’re getting the best service for the best rates is to trust the professionals at Ray’s Pest Control.

The helpful technicians at Ray’s Pest Control have been serving the Winston-Salem area for years and will ensure that your property is protected with monthly or quarterly treatments. These will safeguard your peace of mind and make pest control stress free. In between treatments, if you’re worried about an infestation, simply give them a call, and they’ll come to check it out right away. Stop worrying about reacting to infestations on your own and prevent them before they start.

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