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Four Ways To Lessen Mosquitoes About Your Winston-Salem Yard

April 15, 2021

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If there was a survey in Winston-Salem about what pests are the most annoying, mosquitoes would probably have the most votes. They ruin outdoor activities, as they relentlessly hover over food and buzz around your head. While being indoors can help shield you, sometimes these bugs will still make their way into your space. That said, staying abreast of prevention methods is imperative. Mosquitoes can be challenging to keep away, given their natural habitat and reproduction rates. One major concern with them is their ability to transmit disease.

Many health professionals agree that mosquitoes are a significant medical threat. Since these insects bite humans and animals alike and drink their blood, it’s very possible you could become ill after an encounter. Unfortunately, having red and itchy bumps on your body isn’t the only risk. Use these four tips from Ray's Pest Control to fend off mosquitoes.

Tip #1 Improve Your Lawn Care Practices

Mosquitoes spend so much time in yards because they are covered in nectar and have abundant moisture. These two elements are vital to their sustenance. Considering this, you’ll have to be more diligent and detailed with your exterior routines. Invest in regular effective home pest control. Regularly mow the lawn and trim your shrubs and bushes, no matter how much you don’t feel like doing it. Don’t forget about your plants and flowers. Greenery should be placed two feet away from the property. Next, remove organic debris and dead matter. Before you leave, flush your gutters and vents. This must be done often. Last, but not least, clean any mosquito traps you have. Here are some important tidbits about mosquitoes: 

  • 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long

  • Wings and bodies are scaly

  • Distinct noses and fine legs 

  • Females absorb blood because it’s required for egg production

  • Dusk is their peak activity period

Tip #2 Decrease Available Standing Water

Once more, water is essential to a mosquito’s life, particularly in the procreation process. Larvae specifically need the organisms from it. Definitely enact prevention protocols if your home or business borders a body of water, such as a pond, stream, or lake. To cut down the standing water on your personal property, drain any swimming pools and dry pet drinking bowls. 

Tip #3 Let the Candles Burn

Essential oil candles have multiple functions. They can be used to emit a soothing scent and set the ambiance, but that isn’t the limit. Properties within it may discourage and repel mosquitoes; the pestering insects can’t withstand the aroma.    Mosquitoes commonly enter human dwellings through open doors and windows. Low-traffic zones that are dark and damp are their go-to hiding spots. You might come across one in your closet, but certainly in the laundry room and basement.

Tip #4 Contact Ray's Pest Control For Assistance

Dismissing mosquito deterrence as inconsequential is not wise. The looming dangers are great. You, a loved one, customer, or employee could experience the following:  

  • Severe skin irritation 

  • Intense skin inflammation or swelling 

  • West Nile Virus

  • Zika virus

  • Encephalitis

These suggestions can indeed make a difference, but they have their weaknesses. For instance, mosquitoes are drawn to the carbon monoxide that comes from the flames of candles. If you defer to retail products, the results will be mixed. They could be too frail or hazardous. Instead of dealing with that and wasting money, reach out to us at Ray's Pest Control.

Our experienced technicians will employ non-toxic treatments and tools fashioned to stifle breeding grounds and eliminate mosquito populations on your Winston-Salem property. Avenues include misting systems and industrial-grade traps with organic fungi that the bugs will spread to one another. Follow-up visits are available. Call us today for a free estimate!

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