Usually, when a customer calls or contacts us online, it’s because some kind of a pest is in their home or office, and they want it out. We get it, as pest control specialists in Piedmont, that’s the nature of the business. People see an insect, their skin crawls, and they just want that little bugger gone. That must mean we’re all about destroying bugs, right? Well…yes and no.

When we talk about pest control, we talk about helping to keep things in balance. It used to be that balance was taken care of by Mother Nature, but once human beings became the dominant species, the balance was thrown out of whack. As a result, it’s our responsibility to not only get rid of unnecessary pests, but appreciate the bugs that make life worth living, and possible. Read on and we’ll give a round of thanks to 4 common insects.

  • Getting stung by a bee is no fun, and discovering a hive in your home is even less fun. But bees are the planet’s primary pollinators, and they ensure that crops, flowers, and plants have the means to reproduce. When a bee lands on a plant to eat pollen and nectar, some pollen usually sticks to them. As the bee flies off and lands on another plant, the pollen stuck to the bee rubs off on the plant and fertilization takes place. Without bees, human life would become very difficult. If you’ve got a bee hive, give us a call. If the hive is actually a home for wasps or hornets, we can dispose of them. If it’s a real beehive, we can safely remove it and keep the bees secure.
  • Who doesn’t love ladybugs? They’re one of the few insects that are legitimately cute, and they also are genuinely useful. Believe it or not, but ladybugs are relentless predators, and their prey of choice are aphids. That’s great because aphids have a nasty habit of sucking the sap out of plants and spreading diseases among plants. But when ladybugs take them out, your garden has a better chance of flourishing. Many gardeners actually attract ladybugs to their plants, and some believe it’s a smart move to bring them inside during winter to keep houseplants healthy.
  • Okay, now we’re going to ask you to take a breath and trust us. Yes, cockroaches are disgusting vermin, and, yes, nobody wants them hanging around the house. But many species of roach are highly useful. Roaches found in tropical areas excel at pollinating plants, while forest roaches like to eat leaf litter, which makes it easier for other animals to find food. Plus, roaches are a great source of food for birds, lizards, and other animals. Having said that, the roaches that love to invade homes don’t play a critical part in the ecosystem, so we can get rid of them without feeling guilty.
  • Along similar lines, we can’t think of anyone who would get genuinely excited about encountering a mosquito. If anything, most of us enjoy swatting them for having the temerity to try and suck our blood. If it makes you feel better, the main benefit of mosquitoes it the fact that lots of critters love to eat them. If every mosquito on earth vanished, those animals would need to find another source of food, and that would cause havoc to the ecosystem.