Welcome back! There’s nothing worse than having unwanted guests in your home during the holidays; however, we aren’t talking about crazy Aunt Petunia here. People often experience a rise in pest activity during the holidays due to improper storage of holiday decorations, bugs hitching rides on festive plants and Christmas trees, and more. In part one of our short blog series, we began looking at some tips for keeping your home pest-free during the holidays. Our tips included:

  • Inspecting holiday decorations before placing them throughout the home
  • Checking holiday plants and trees for bugs and spiders
  • Placing screens on vents and chimneys
  • Being mindful with firewood
  • Calling Ray Pest Control!

Here are a few more tips to keep your home free of pests during the holidays.

Inspect Donated Gifts & Items

The holidays are a time of giving, which means many thoughtful residents throughout Piedmont will collect donated goods to take to shelters, churches, and other nonprofit organizations to help out others in need. In many cases, these do-gooders will bring these items into their home before dropping them off, which increases the risk of bringing unwanted pests like bed bugs, spiders, and even mice into the home. Before bringing donated goods into your home, inspect them thoroughly and clean away anything that looks suspicious.

Food Storage

Pests love holiday foods. With people cooking and baking more during the holidays, these tasty treats attract bugs, especially when they aren’t stored properly. When storing foods in the fridge and pantry, make sure to use sealed storage containers to keep bugs and house rodents out of your food. For savory snacks like chips, crackers, and snack mixes, make sure to roll the bags tightly and close them with chip clips or rubber bands. You might even keep them in tupperwares once they’ve been opened. Also, avoid leaving foods sitting out for hours at a time when hosting a festive party.

Determine Designated Food Areas

On that note, when hosting holiday gatherings or out of town guests, establish a designated food area. This will help keep people in one area when they’re eating, which may limit dropped crumbs on your floor that attract pests.

Call in the Experts

If you notice you have a higher rate of pests in your home during the holidays, contact Ray Pest Control, Piedmont’s Top Rated Local® pest control team. We’ll get rid of your pest problem so that you can your loved ones can get back to enjoying the magic of the holidays. And from all of us at Ray Pest Control, Happy Holidays!