Welcome back to the Ray Pest Control blog! In our recent post, we began looking at useful tips for protecting your home, your family, and your pets from bed bugs this summer. While bed bugs can appear at any time during the year, bed bugs tend to be more active during the summer months due to an increase in travel and other activities. Often referred to as the hitchhiking bug, these pests are commonly found in hotels and motels, and will latch onto traveler’s luggage, hitchhiking their way to a new dwelling. Adult bed bugs are generally the size of an apple seed, making them very difficult to spot. What’s more, they are primarily active at night so they are harder to detect during the day. There are a number of ways bed bugs can make their way into your home, and today, we will continue looking at ways you can avoid these invading pests.

Unpack Immediately After Traveling

Because bed bugs like to sneak into the pockets and crevasses of suitcases and other types of luggage, you may not even realize you have picked up bed bugs from a hotel that you stayed in while traveling. Even if you didn’t see any bed bugs during your stay, you might consider unpacking your luggage outdoors immediately upon returning home. This will give you a better view of what is coming out of your bags, without the bugs making their way into your home immediately. Once you have unpacked, the best thing to do is to expose your belongings to heat. Run your belongings through the dryer on high heat for 20-30 minutes to kill any bed bugs that may be hiding in your clothing. Set your luggage out in the sun to heat up before storing them.

Minimize the Hiding Places

When your home is cluttered, you’re providing bed bugs with numerous places to hide. This can make finding them even harder. Reduce the clutter in your home to avoid these unwanted summertime guests.

Don’t Make Your Bed Bug Problem Someone Else’s

If you plan to travel this summer and you have bed bugs in your home, don’t share your bed bugs with others. Your best bet is to schedule a bed bug treatment before you plan to travel to eliminate the bed bugs from your life completely. This will safeguard your belongings and luggage, reducing the risk of passing bed bugs to the hotel you stay in or to the friends and family you’ll stay with.

Also, if you have bed bugs, don’t throw your mattress and other compromised upholstered furniture out on the curb with a sign that says “free.” This will only add to the rising populations of bed bug infestations.

Call for a Bed Bug Removal

The best way to avoid bed bugs is to take preventative measures to protect your home form these pests. And should you suffer a bed bug infestation, call the Top Rated Local® bed bug experts at Ray Pest Control for a bed bug removal in Piedmont. We’re here to eliminate your bed bug problem once and for all!